Fall Inspiration 2015 - Baking and Music

     Hey everyone! So I wanted to do a collection of my fall inspirations. Everything from baking, to playlists, to images, to whatever it may be. I thought that it would be nice to start off with my baking and music favorites since Halloween is just around the corner and there's nothing like getting into a spooky mood with some treats and music.


     To begin, I’d like to start with baking. Specifically starting with these absolutely adorable ghost meringue cookies. They are one of the cutest ideas that I’ve seen for Halloween in a really long time. These aren’t your run of the mill worm pie or witch’s fingers which I thought was a great and definitely suitable if you want some Halloween festivities without a lot of work. I love meringue cookies because they just melt in your mouth and to me taste just like cotton candy. These would be awesome by themselves or as cupcake or cake toppers.
      Another baking essential for me this fall was a spiced apple cheesecake which I actually put together by combining three different recipes. And I know now that it probably wasn’t the best idea since it was the first time I had ever attempted making a baked cheesecake. However, I will say, I brought it to a Thanksgiving get-together (for all the confused Americans: Canadian Thanksgiving = October) and I was absolutely surprised by how much everybody loved it. Even though it wasn’t the most aesthetically appealing cheesecake, there was only once slice left by the end of the day.
To make it I used the crust and technique from this recipe, the apples from this one, and the spicing from this one. Now as far as technique goes, the cheesecake itself didn’t hold its shape when it was cut which something that I really want to work on. My absolute goal is to make a decadent cheesecake that I once had that was fluffy, and wonderful, and the texture was amazing, and all of the flavors were right and this was my goal for this cheesecake but obviously it being my first time, it wasn’t going to come out that way. But ‘tis the great autumnal season so I’m sure the family won’t mind if I keep experimenting with this one.

     Now on to my next favorite: Music and playlists. I’m a sucker for a nice fall playlist. Anything that I can put RainyMood on and hit play and imagine myself warm and cozy, next to a fire with a spiced something or other, is a solid 10/10 for me. This reminiscence of all things fall is what I tried to emulate with this playlist. Here’s a link to an 8tracks playlist that I made with all of my favorite fall playlists. It’s very meta.

     That'll wrap it up for today's post! Tomorrow I'll be posting all about my planner inspirations this season and my favorite makeup looks as well! So stay tuned and I'll see you soon.

-xo Jasmine Monique

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  1. Love this! Fall really is the best time of year. Thanks for sharing!


    1. It really is isn't it! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Your fall playlist is AMAZING!! I had never heard that song by Kaleo and I love it. Also Simon & Garfunkel songs are the best:)

    1. Ahhh, so glad you liked it! ❤️❤️❤️